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Journal Entry #10 A Renegade's Guide to Winter Survival

The Holiday season is truly the jolliest time of the year. Family flying and driving across state lines to visit loved ones, and snowflakes flutter down from the sky and create a winter wonderland. Unfortunately, that also means that cars break down in snowstorms, and their passengers suddenly become stranded in the cold. A winter survival situation is perhaps one of the most challenging scenarios to be caught stranded in. Other than being stranded in the ocean, of course. You will always battle the cold air attacking your body and curse yourself on how much you've taken warmth for granted. However, the fierce, freezing environment is conquerable. Here are some tips to remember if you find yourself stranded out in the tundra.  ...  Read More

Journal Entry #9: Tools of Resistance

Happy Treason Day, Renegades! Celebrating our Independence Day today, we remember a time where common folk revolted against an empire. Farmers, tradespeople, shopkeepers, and professionals all played a part in forming the foundation of a nation. However, when rebelling against a much larger and better-equipped army, how does one go about equipping a revolution? Resistance groups throughout history have either stolen or improvised their tools of resistance to fight for their ideas and freedoms. These tools, if not taken, were often made in underground workshops and out of parts that you could find in a hardware store. Today we celebrate the impressive improvisation of freedom fighters throughout history and their methods of fighting for f...  Read More

Journal Entry #8: Absolute Essentials

We’ve talked about some unique survival topics in this blog already, yet what kind of survival business would we be if we didn’t cover the basics? Often when we read other blogs more or less marketed towards preppers, it’s usually along the lines of “50 items every prepper needs” or even up to “75 items you need in your bug-out bag right now!” We get it, there is cool stuff out there, but we must remember the first organization in America that got this list right. They covered the essential kit list with not 30, not 20, but ten essential items. That’s right, the Boy Scouts of America and their list for the ten essentials. This list covers the essentials for young scouts to take on their little adventures. It turns out, and this list ...  Read More

Journal Entry #7: Stockpiling: Things To Consider

I always make the joke that if you have hoarding tendencies, become a prepper. That way you hoard useful things and are organized about it. Stockpiling supplies tend to be the core practice of preppers and survivalists. Although it is true that "the more you know, the less you carry," many find themselves making stashes of supplies. Whether it be large or small, there are many things to consider when stockpiling. Variable #1: Why? It is an important question to ask yourself once you start stocking up. Why are you doing it? Is it realistic for you to do so? Can you keep track of what you stock? These are all essential questions, and none should stress you out. FEMA recommends stocking at least three days worth of nonperishables and o...  Read More

Journal Entry #6: Surprising College Degrees with Survival Applications

We all have our ideas of a survivalist, someone along the lines of Bear Grylls or Les Stroud, who roughs it under the stars while roasting a rabbit over the fire.             The reality is, not everyone can be that person even if they wanted to. However, when there comes a time to band together to get through a crisis, whether it be a hurricane or a downright global collapse, you’re going to get people with different skill sets. Especially, people with an academic background. Anybody can try to rough it in the woods and sleep under a lean-to. Just as quickly, anybody can learn to start a fire. When it comes to building or rebuilding a community, these people will have a vital role to play.              With the amount of pressure, w...  Read More

Journal Entry #5 Urban Survival: How to See a City of Destruction and Treat it as a Trove of Resources.

Urban survival can be challenging to understand, but this will give you an outline of how to build and develop your skills and equipment to make any populated area your supply cache. You can place yourself in a lot of different situations that will require this set of skills such as natural disasters, marshall law, EMP, or some form of resource drought. If you wake up and there is no electricity, water, and internet/ cell signal, you can still survive. A few things to consider for self-preservation and prosperity are your health, resource management, navigation, scavenging, self-defense, tapping resources, hunting, and equipment.  Though you cannot prepare for every possible outcome, here are eight ways you can work on skills required...  Read More

Journal Entry #4: C&R Firearms and Their Place in Your Arsenal

Any firearm enthusiast knows the benefits of firearms that are twice their age. For those who are new to the world of weapons, remember that C&R firearms are well worth the research. C&R means "curios and relics," and this designation applies to any firearm that is over 50 years old. These pieces are often in the interest of C&R collectors, who apply for a C&R license to have these certain firearms delivered to their doorstep. If you were to browse your local gun shops or pawn shops, chances are you will find at least one firearm that is considered a C&R firearm. So, what kind of firearms fall under this category? Well, almost all military surplus rifles such as Mosin Nagants, British Enfields, M1 Garands and Carb...  Read More

Journal Entry #3: T-Shirts and Their Many Survival Applications

The t-shirt is our first product, as well as our flagship one. It is one of the most worn articles of clothing, and they make an excellent base layer to help express your lifestyle. However, there are many other uses that t-shirt offer, especially in survival scenarios. Since we specialize in t-shirts, it only feels right to show the community how to use these shirts for more useful means. Therefore, this blog will cover t-shirts and their many uses. 1) FIRST AID First aid is quite possibly the first use that comes in mind. T-shirts are pieces of cloth shaped to fit the torso. They can be cut, torn, and reshaped to serve the same use as a bandage. Or they can be used to create arm slings, splints, and tourniquets. Whether it's for he...  Read More

Journal Entry #2: The Daily Driver Bug-Out Checklist

Do you ever think, "what if"? We live our lives in a world that always changes, why not hope for the best and prepare for the worst? A bug out vehicle can ensure the health and preservation of you and your loved ones. It is useful, modified, and packed in many different ways, and I am going to cover the best basics to get you headed in the right direction. (Away from danger) Reliability: The number one priority is finding the most reliable vehicle possible. You want a low maintenance vehicle with readily available parts, so staying domestic is a must. Ex. (Dodge, Chevy, Ford, Jeep and yes, Toyota). Your vehicle does not need to be new or low miles. Older cars have better parts available and are easier to maintain. With that said, get...  Read More

Journal Entry #1: The Art of Self-Reliance

When you think of self-reliance, what do you think about? Do you think of being able to be a functional adult? Or do you think about being able to survive if you were to drop in the middle of nowhere? Self-reliance can be an ambiguous saying, but it does have a core meaning: being able to take care of one's self.  At American Renegades, we believe that it means having the ability to adapt, to assess any situation, and be able to thrive in that situation.  When we were starting this business, the biggest struggle for me was figuring out how I would provide the resources for people willing to pursue the survivalist lifestyle. Being a young college student with very little money, merely buying wholesale products and reselling to other p...  Read More