Journal Entry #3: T-Shirts and Their Many Survival Applications

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The t-shirt is our first product, as well as our flagship one. It is one of the most worn articles of clothing, and they make an excellent base layer to help express your lifestyle. However, there are many other uses that t-shirt offer, especially in survival scenarios. Since we specialize in mainly t-shirts, it only feels right to show the community how to use these shirts for more utilitarian means. Therefore, this blog will cover t-shirts and their many uses.


This is quite possibly the first use that comes in mind. T-shirts are basically pieces of cloth shaped to fit the torso. They can be cut, torn, and reshaped to serve the same use as a bandage. Or they can be used to create arm slings, splints, and tourniquets. Whether it's for hemorrhaging or broken bones or fractures, a t-shirt can be repurposed to apply first aid if medical supplies are scarce.


Ever seen a hobo bag? Basically a stick with a piece of cloth tied around at the end to carry a small amount of items on the road? Well a t-shirt can be used for the same thing. If you happen to have a walking stick and you need an extra carrying solution, then grab that spare t-shirt and within 2 minutes you have another way to carry items.


Water is obviously one of the major priorities in a survival situation. Thankfully, there are many ways to filter and purify water using on hand materials. If you use the boiling method, you could filter the water through the shirt to get most of the solid particles out of the water, and pour the newly filtered water into the pot. More t-shirts equals better filtration.


Speaking of water filtration, did you know that a t-shirt can make an excellent fishnet? T-shirts can make excellent food gathering tools by collecting bait fish in rivers and streams. Also, playing more with the hobo bag idea, a t-shirt can also be repurposed into a foraging bag.


Exposure to the elements will kill you faster than dehydration or hunger will, so shelter building is usually the top priority other than oxygen and fresh water. Granted, a t-shirt itself is next to useless if you try to make into a tent, as you would with a spare tarp. However, utilizing t-shirts like rope will help you construct your shelter, and bind building materials together.


Being lost in the woods is great and all, but eventually you’ll want to be rescued (unless your goal is to abandon your old life and go off the grid). Therefore, you’ll need ways to signal. There are numerous ways to signal others, but if you have a bright colored t-shirt you could use it to flag down aircraft and other rescue parties.


Majority of your body temperature is influenced from the head. Therefore, if your body is in risk of heat-stroke or you just simply want to cool down, then soaking the t-shirt and wrapping it around your head will drastically cool your body down.


T-shirt is basically cotton, and cotton can be set aflame. Tearing the shirts into strips can help kindle your campfire, as long as it’s dry. It can also smother small fires if the need arises. Remember to consider the kind of fabric your t-shirt is made out of whenever using it for fire starting.


Many commonly found harmful airborne particulates can be filtered using very basic and rudementery materials. The common shirt can be easily deployed in many ways to protect you. Tear gas and smoke are two very different but commonly encountered examples and something as simple as a wet shirt folded over and covering the mouth and nose can give you a  few extra minutes of precious consciousness in a smoke filled environment or allow you to function long enough to escape a cloud of tear gas from a threat. You need to protect the eyes as well so fationing together a full mask with a wet shirt filter and and a milk jug as the structural base is always a fast and easy solution or even just goggles and a mouth covering.



As you can see, the number of alternative uses for a t-shirt is nearly limitless. Our t-shirts are soft and comfortable, but real renegades dirty them up and are creative in using them. We hope this helps you see our flagship product more than just a t-shirt, and that you can use them by your own means. If you folks have any more ideas on what you can use a t-shirt for, or that we missed anything, please comment below!