Journal Entry #1: The Art of Self-Reliance


When you think of self-reliance, what do you think of? Do you think of being able to be a functional adult? Or being able to survive if you were to be dropped in the middle of nowhere? Self-reliance can be an ambiguous saying, but it does have a core meaning: being able to take care of one’s self. 

At American Renegades, we believe that it means having the ability to adapt, to assess any situation and be able to thrive in that situation. 

When we were starting this business, the biggest struggle for me was figuring out how I would provide the resources for people willing to pursue the survivalist lifestyle. Being a young college student with very little money, simply buying wholesale products and reselling to other people in this industry seemed like a distant dream. However, we all seem to forget the resource in the survival industry that's more valuable than any knife, stockpile of food, or water filer: knowledge.

Along with our small selection of apparel and other products, we started “The Renegade’s Journal". Our mission with this blog is simple: to find numerous experts, survivalists, writers and other renegades such as yourself to share whatever knowledge they can provide to help your goal of mastering the survivalist lifestyle. Whether they are ex-military, survival instructors, hikers and backpackers, scoutmasters, first responders, medical professionals, or even utility workers or engineers, they all have different skills and perspectives to help. All of that knowledge can be shared right here, in our blog. 

That is why our slogan is “Survival: by Your Own Means,” meaning everyone has different skills and talents, so you survive your way. That is our goal, that is our mission. The world today is unpredictable, and who knows what lies ahead? Our mission is to spread  knowledge and help others start practicing the art of self-reliance. With all of that, we welcome you to the American Renegades community.