Meet Our Team

Gregory Dedicke & Caleb Brown

Gregory Dedicke & Caleb Brown

What happens when you bring together a bunch of outdoor loving, ambiguously talented, slightly paranoid and young individuals? You get us. Bringing together people who are dedicated to the life of self-reliance and share a patriotic love for the USA, we at American Renegades are helping others tackle the survivalist lifestyle by their own means. 

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Our Story

American Renegades began like most small businesses do, as an idea from two friends with shared interests. Gregory Dedicke and Caleb Brown graduated high school together with only a marginal idea of what they wanted to do with their lives. They had a couple things in common, they both shared the same lifestyle and did not want the same mundane work environment.

After a brief parting of ways, Greg going to college and Caleb going into the Marine Corps, they eventually decided to launch a lifestyle brand and community for others to share. What did this lifestyle include? You know, the basics - a shared passion of the outdoors, old and rusty cars, stockpiling supplies, survival gear, and firearms.

Sure, maybe to some, the survivalist lifestyle is a bit odd, however, it is a lifestyle that anybody can get into. So with the help of family and friends, Greg and Caleb created American Renegades, a lifestyle apparel brand highlighting the Survivalist. The American Renegades community encourages others to live a life of freedom, adventure, and self-reliance.

American Renegades apparel and products are sourced responsibly and are 100% American driven. Customers can expect originally illustrated designs and more than enough comfort for any adventure. Guaranteed that you'll be turning heads with this unique apparel.

Also, 5% of pre-tax profits will go towards protecting nature and the Second Amendment.